“The unhappy Beineke mother, Alice, with her penchant for rhyming and a super sunny nature bordering on hysteria, is excellently portrayed by Kristin Galer. The first act closing banquet with the Full Disclosure game is a highlight with Alice’s crazed, operatic song of anguish and fury.” Elissa Barnard, The Chronicle Herald, April 13 2015


“...sisters Cecily (Kristin Galer) and Gwendolyn Pigeon (Mairi Babb)... From the moment the duo steps on stage towards the beginning of the second act for a double date from hell, the audience was captured by their hilarious intonation, nuances and movements. It seemed that no matter what Galer and Babb did they had the audience in mind and did it in the funniest way possible. From creating a crying waterfall to moving in exact unison, the sisters stole the show and had the audience in stitches from start to finish.” Jaime Myslik, The Wellington Advertiser, August 21 2015


“As Miss Peretti, Kristin Galer sings beautifully. An accomplished comedienne, she makes the most of her biographical notes on the contestants and her solos...” Connie Meng, August 9 2013


“Respect, popularized by Aretha Franklin, is a show stopper of a song and with her powerful voice, Galer did it eminent justice. Later on, Galer brought a tear to the eye with the Dusty Springfield sad song You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me.” Greg Burliuk, Kingston Whig-Standard May 30, 2013

“ Marge, Kristin Galer provides much of the vocal power and character colour...”  S. James Wegg, June 15 2013


“...Audrey, well-played by Kristin Galer.  She has a powerful voice and does a beautiful job with “Somewhere That’s Green.”  Connie Meng, July 31 2012

“As Audrey, Kristin Galer is all squeaky voice, wobbly heels and Brooklyn-flavoured accent. She’s a riot to watch every time she’s on stage and has a voice that can do tender songs and show stoppers equal justice. “ Greg Burliuk, Kingston Whig-Standard August 2 2012


“While Kristin Galer is usually goofing it up as Sister Amnesia, when it looks like she will have to leave, she does a fabulous touching goodbye with the song No One Cared Like You.” Greg Burliuk, Kingston Whig-Standard May 21, 2012


“Kristin Galer gives a wonderfully layered performance as Mrs. Johnstone. She's a fine actress who shows us the subtleties of the character and draws us into the story with her lovely and powerful voice.” Connie Meng, June 21 2010


“In a pleasant surprise, two of the best performances in the show come from an even odder couple: the Pigeon sisters, a pair of British dimwits who show up for an ill-fated double-date with men...Kristin Galer and Karen Sweet practically steal the show as Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon, despite being onstage for only a pair of all-too-brief scenes.” Colin Hunter, Kitchener Waterloo Record June 5, 2009


“Kristin Galer is hilarious as Audrey, Seymour’s coworker and love interest. She delivers a powerful rendition of Somewhere That’s Green, her dream of a suburban life with Seymour.” Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun Feb 25 2008

“Galer is a standout as Audrey, bringing a delicate layer of poignancy under the tight sweaters and leopard-print pantyhose. Her Kewpie-doll voice is never grating, but rather a sweet reminder that all our heroine innocently longs for is Somewhere That’s Green. ... Suddenly Seymour is one of the show’s high points.” Ruth Myles Calgary Herald, March 1 2008


“Kristin Galer is a wonderfully sweet Sister Amnesia, kidding the Grand Ole Opry genre with her big number I Could Have Gone to Nashville.” Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator Aug 29 2007

“...Kristin Galer’s purposefully vague performance as Sister Mary Amnesia...She could be shyly soft spoken and then suddenly rip into a song with a voice that would make Merman proud.” Mark Andrea Lawrence, Mississauga News 2007


“In the hands of Kristin Galer, Ado Annie is a delight. Funny in style, facial expressions and mannerisms, Galer has a real Broadway voice, belts out her songs with gusto, and is enjoying herself immensely on stage. This is a gem of a performance.” Harry Currie, Kitchener Waterloo Record May 2 2005